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OrphansLink was incorporated and received its tax exempt status in 2010. Although OrphansLink is a young organization, we have been ramping up rapidly because instead of reinventing the wheel and starting from scratch, the underlying philosophy is through collaboration with other organization that are touching life of graduate orphans, we use existing resources that become more impactful.  OrphansLink's recent activities were able to prove that.

In April 2010 we went on a trip to Ukraine. We visited a special-needs orphanage and delivered orthopedic shoes.


The purpose of our trip to Ukraine was to meet up with many partners to establish the "Best Practices" for graduate orphan care.
 OrphansLink introduced our partner Manna Worldwide to a local mobile clinic. As the result the mobile clinic will visit the orphanage in Komarivka, Ukraine.

We attended a strategic meeting for Ukraine Without Orphans Alliance which is spearheading collaborative movement for orphan care on a national level.

OrphansLink joined the Christian Alliance for Orphans and attended Summit VII in May 2011 with 1500 like-minded people desiring to help orphans attending and 80 organizations exhibiting. In a very short period of time we have started partnerships and joint projects with 6 partners.

We have been advocating for the need to care for graduate orphans through the churches, one-on-one meetings, networking, and other speaking engagements. At our recent Benefit Concert [links to youtube video, we’ll need to get it for you] we brought in several of our partners to advocate on behalf of the orphans and raise awareness of the devastating reality of the outrageous statistics and the need to help orphans aging out of orphanages.





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