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My name is Vitalik and I was born in 1988 in Cherkassy. From 1988 to 1995 my mother and I lived with another man she was not married with. Our relations were not very good ones… my parents often abused alcohol which way too often resulted in both physical and moral abuse. In 1995 my mother could no longer stand such physical abuse so she hand decided to leave us and she never came back. Same year as a result of a verdict of local authorities both me my brother and my sister were placed in the orphanage in Kaniv.

In 2005 I had graduated from the orphanage and entered a University in Kiev. I had a desire to stay with the family in Safe Haven transition home. At that time Jany O’lary had invited me to stay with other children.

In 2007 I had moved out to live in the dormitory. However as a result of my poor study I was no longer able to continue at the University. This was in 2008. I had no other place to go to and Anya and Bogdan had welcomed me back. As I lived with them I found a job and first worked as a sales consultant in a home electronics store. Later I found a job as a tech support person in cellular service provider company.

In 2009 I have tried to continue my education in the University but I failed on two out of three exams. So I continued to work.

Presently I stay at Safe Haven home and I love this family very much. Also this year I was able to resume my education in the University. I plan to finish well in the University and get a degree in economics.

I was born September 2, 1991 in Cherkassy. I have younger brothers and a sister – all of them live with my step father’s mother. In 2004 I was taken to the orphanage because my parents were divested of their parental rights.

First several months in the orphanage were very difficult for me. I could not get used to new conditions, new people and rules. I had good grades studying in school and I had participated in different extra curriculum activities.

During first couple years I’ve tried to keep in touch with the rest of the people in my family. Most of the letters I had written to my mother. At that time I had missed them very much and I needed their support. I had always loved my mother no matter the situation she was going through in her life. However, soon enough my mother had forgotten all about me and devoted all her time to the “thing she like doing best” – drinking. In 2009 she decided to commit a suicide.

I have met Anya and Bogdan when I was in the 8th grade of the orphanage. We became good friends and today they are like a caring family to me. They understand me and help me to make right choices in life. From them I learn about God and hopefully one day I also will be able to believe like they do and will be baptized and will have the kind of eternal relationships with God they are talking about. I had finished 11 grades of a secondary school and have entered Aviation University in Kiev. Thank to Safe Haven I have a chance to live with a great family I never had before.

I was born in October 29, 1989. First four years of my life were not very happy ones. My parents were alcoholics and so they have abused and humiliated me all the time. One day police came to our house and took away me and my older brother. They have placed us in the orphanage and in 1996 or parents were stripped of their parental rights.

When I was six I was transferred to the orphanage in Kaniv. Next 10 years of my life I had spent there -in Kanev orphanage. Those were not the very best years either. I had always dreamed about a family but that dream had lived only on a TV screens and was far away from my daily reality.

In 2002 a group of missionaries had visited our orphanage and from them I have heard about God for the first time.  Every school break I eagerly anticipated their return. These were the only people that had shown sincere interest in me.  In 2003 I had received Christ. My friends were making fun of me saying that I’m acting childish. My mother died when I was 16. My father is still a heavy drinker.

As I was graduating in 2007 people from Safe Haven ministry have offered me a chance to come and stay with their family for two years. I said “No” because I remembered how difficult it was for me to lose my parents. However God’s will was different and through my personal life circumstances I was left with no other choice but to come and live with Bogdan and Anya. At first I felt like I’m going to stay with people who will be treating me like my own parents… Thinking about that situation today I see how that Summer in 2007 God was guiding me, working in my life. I’m very thankful to God for such divine arrangement. Today I know what true family is.  Anya in many ways had become my mother and Bogdan – he is the kind of father I always wanted to have. In the beginning it was rather difficult to believe that people that barely know me could show such sincere love and care. For the first six months I was afraid to hug them and show any affection on my part. But this family has taught me to love and to respect the people around me.

In January 2008 I have made a very important step as I got baptized as a public display of my faith in Jesus. Beginning that moment my life started to change. God is teaching me how to laugh and to be sincere, sharing my problems with others.

In 2007 I have entered Linguistic University and now I study English and Italian hoping to become an interpreter one day. I had studied there for a year and a half and I failed… This was a spiritual thing as I felt the Satan was trying to disrupt my life. Today I’m back on the track with God and this spring I have a desire to try to enter a different University to study philology.

I’m Sergey. I was born on February 10 of 1992. My early ears I lived in Russia and in 1996 our family moved to Ukraine. For quite a bit I have lived with a foster mother but I guess she had a different idea for my life from the way I’ve imagined it. So at one time I had to go to the orphanage. While in the orphanage I’ve met Bodgan and Anya. I have younger sister. She is 15. I like music and playing different games. I’m very happy to be in this house. I study tourism at Dragomanov University.




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