Why Help Older Orphans?

The statistics for graduating orphans is horrific. There are approximately 143 Million orphans throughout the world. 38,000 orphans “age out” of orphanages each day that amounts to 14 Million graduating orphans per year world-wide. On average, about 10% of graduate orphans commit suicide the first year, by age 18 the percentage of suicide goes up to 15%. That translates into 140,000 graduated orphans committing suicide each year. Another  70-80% are into drugs, alcohol, prostitution, and being an easy prey for sex trafficking. (Read More)

These are the children that unfairly and undeservingly experienced all sorts of mental and physical abuse, neglect, abandonment and rejection, which no human should ever experience especially in such a young age. In many cases they were taken out of abusive situation at home and put in the orphanages, where older kids forced them into drinking, smoking, using foul language and starting sex life early.  In some situations the care takers who were supposed to protect and to teach them, took advantage of them. About 85% of all orphans are so called Social Orphans, their parents are still alive but they were taken away the parental rights. These children had no one in their life who could tell them that they are loved, that they matter, do homework with them or even teach them life skills and how to take care of a household.  It’s not a surprise that they fall behind in their studies. These kids are forced out of orphanages or foster care sometimes as early as 14 years old. Developmentally they are delayed by 6 years on average. They are completely unprepared for independent living when they exit the orphanages or foster care system.

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